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7 Design Trends to revamp your space this spring (2022 Edition)

April 4, 2022

Spring has sprung and that means spring cleaning is on the horizon! This may seem daunting at first but why not use this time to also give your space a bit of an energy reboot to go from a warm and cozy vibe to a fresh and tranquil feel? While it can be tempting to do a complete overhaul, start small with these seven decor trends ripe for spring and summer 2022.

(The Harrison - Cosby Village)

  1. Add Greenery

Spring is all about blossoming and growth. Why not add this to the interior of your home as well. Plants are a great way to both brighten up a room and make it less stuffy (plants naturally give off oxygen). Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb! Fake plants also do the trick as well minus giving off oxygen. Bonus: Pick plants with a pop of color to add to any room. 

(Waverly II - Westerleigh)

  1. Update Your Foyer

Welcome warmer weather with a foyer that screams come on in. This is the first room people see when they enter your home. Simple additions like a modern mirror, a vintage table and updated baskets and books are sure to warm up the space. This space is often forgotten but a great place to begin with small updates.

(The Jefferson - Bishops Park)

  1. Add Texture, Color and Warmth

Spring is all about more hours of sunshine which naturally brings in more texture, color and warmth in the world around us. One goal for a spring revamp is to bring that same warmth, color and texture into your home. Bring in round poufs in velvet or linen, or add in natural wood tones and vintage pieces.

(The Stuart - Tilman’s Farm)

  1. Use Nature as Inspiration

Think natural wood, sustainable products and colors we find in nature (greens, yellows, oranges and reds). Nature brings a sense of calm into our lives and after the past two years we can all use a bit of calm. Ground your space with natural textures. Woods, jutes, limestones, and rattans are all going to be huge for summer 2022.

(Westbrook - Ironbridge Townhomes)

  1. Curves and Comfort

Nothing says comfort like a hug and curves are hugging rooms in all the right places this spring. Rounded furniture, including curved backs on chairs, sloped arms on sofas, rounded waterfall corners on desks and consoles, drum tables and ottomans, as well as curved accent pieces are coming to the forefront of decor.

(Bridgewater Model)

  1. Create a Relaxing Retreat

Create a hideaway by incorporating cozy furniture, soft throw blankets, ambient lighting, and color palettes to create the mood you’re going for. Think self-care! This can be a bathroom, office, reading nook or even a garden. One thing we have all learned from a global pandemic is to learn how to slow down and prioritize self care so create a space just for that.

(The Grove - Cosby Village)

  1. Consider Organization

What’s spring cleaning without organization. Out with the bulky winter sweaters and blankets and in with the light fabrics and throws. Reconsider hiding everything away in closets and storage and come up with fun ways to display those everyday items.

We’ve covered a few of the biggest design trends you’ll see this season, but we have many more to offer. Stay tuned for more ideas and be sure to tour our new model homes coming this spring and summer!