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Building Value in Our Community: 2022 Richmond Animal League Supply Drive

Image of dog and cat at shelter with a RAL supply drive sign at Main Street Homes.

June 13, 2022

At Main Street Homes, our mission goes beyond building remarkable homes in sought-after communities throughout the Richmond area. Above all, we care about giving back and building value in the communities where we build—which is exactly why we’re hosting a supply drive for the Richmond Animal League for the month of June. From taking in stray animals to providing care for pets and so much more—this incredible organization works tirelessly to ensure that as many animals are safe, healthy and happy as possible. As a non-profit organization, even a small donation can have a huge impact—so continue reading to find out more about the RAL and how you can help. 

Supporting the cause

Since 1979, the Richmond Animal League has made it their mission to find happy homes for homeless dogs and cats throughout the area. They have a humane, no-kill philosophy and are the area’s oldest no-kill shelter. The RAL receives no financial support from government agencies or national humane organizations—meaning they rely solely on private donations, adoption fees, grants and fundraising activities to fulfill their operating funds, which average $17,000 per month. This includes food and supplies for the animals, utilities, mortgage and veterinary bills. 

Since their facility opened, the RAL has saved thousands of sick, injured or in-need animals—and they’ve placed countless pets in happy homes throughout the area. Their current facility can house up to 30 dogs and 60 cats or kittens at any given time. They function off a staff of 15 full-time employees, but heavily rely on local volunteers—around 300 a week—to help take care of the animals due to high demand, and oftentimes, maximum capacity. In 2009, the RAL expanded their mission and opened an onsite clinic, the Loving Spay & Neuter Clinic, to provide low-cost services to municipal shelters, rescue groups, and private pet owners—as well as free services for feral cats and pet owners who meet low-income guidelines. The clinic is now performing over 7,000 spay and neuter surgeries each year.

With the challenges they face daily and the continuous increase in demand for local animal shelters, even the slightest donation of food, supplies or money can make a vast difference—which is why we’re proud to accept donations for the RAL at Main Street Homes to help support the cause in any way possible. 

How you can help

There are an array of items you can drop off at Main Street Homes to help animals in need and support the mission of the Richmond Animal League, including: 

  • Gift cards to pet stores for supplies or gas stations to help pay for gas for transporting and rescuing animals
  • Canned dog/cat food
  • Fancy Feast kitten food
  • Dry cat food (any brand)
  • Hill's Science Adult Dog and/or Hill's Science Puppy Food
  • Canned pumpkin, carrots and/or green beans
  • Cat/dog treats
  • Pill pockets
  • Nylabones or Kongs
  • Leashes (6 feet, non-retractable)
  • Cat/dog toys
  • Clay cat litter/clumping litter, cat litter scoops
  • Fleece cat beds/crate liners
  • Cat carriers/wire dog crates
  • Cat trees
  • Bird seed
  • Paper towels
  • 13-gallon/33-gallon trash bags
  • Hand-held booms/dust pans
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Distilled water
  • Ziploc bags (1-gallon/quart-sized)
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Copy paper
  • Long zip ties
  • Colored masking tape
  • Humane traps

With limited resources, donations to the RAL are greatly needed and vastly appreciated—and all profits go directly towards helping their animals. For a full list of items and for more information about the supplies needed or other ways to donate, click here

Building value in our community

At Main Street Homes, we strive to build more than just incredible homes throughout the greater Richmond area—we also place so much value in uplifting the communities around us and doing our part in any way we can. Any donation is greatly appreciated by both Main Street Homes and the Richmond Animal League—big or small. Your contribution can have an impact that is beyond significant—whether it’s providing a meal for an animal at the RAL, gas for animal transportation, pet toys to bring the animals comfort, or cleaning supplies to help employees keep up with the high demand. 

We’re accepting donations through June 30th, and our main drop-off location is at our home office located in Westchester Commons at 15871 City View Drive Suite 100 in Midlothian, VA 23113—or you can drop off donations at any of our model homes located throughout RVA. For further information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (804) 979-2954 or contact us online.


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