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Tips to Incorporate your Favorite Summer Trends into your Home Interior

Beautiful Main Street Home interior design and a couple updating their Main Street Home interior

June 20, 2022

When it comes to your home interior, blending your own personal style with the trends of the day is a guaranteed way to wow your friends and family as soon as they step inside the front door of your home. This summer season especially, there are a number of incredible trends that can easily be added into each of your spaces—so at Main Street Homes, our team has listed some of our top design tips to flawlessly incorporate the year’s favorite summer design trends into your home interior

Don’t be afraid of color

While the spring months brought an array of pastels to our front doors, the summer months are the perfect time to add a little more excitement and vibrancy into the mix. Adding in paint throughout your home is always a great option when you want to switch up the design of a space in an instant without spending too much money in the process. If the idea of painting an entire room in your home seems a bit overwhelming, some of the best styles this season cater to a more simplistic approach. Concentrating your painting efforts on adding in a pop of color to smaller places such as your wall trim or cabinetry is the perfect way to ease into the particular style. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect color to use for your paint upgrade, start by taking a look at your interior furniture and decorations. Focusing on a few of the less noticeable colors on items such as area rugs can be a great way to make those details pop and truly tie the entire room together. The Pantone Color of the Year, Very Peri, won’t disappoint, and with its beautiful blue shade and deep violet red undertone, it gives an added sense of warmth to any room. 

Bring outdoor elements in

One trend we won’t see going away anytime soon is the idea of blending the styles of both our interior and exterior living spaces. Outdoor space has become more important to us in recent years than ever before, and there are a number of ways to curate this trend into your own home design. 

Adding in a variety of live plants to your home will automatically brighten up any room as soon as you walk in, but this trend isn’t just about adding in some greenery to your space. With their unique texture and neutral color palettes, jute rugs can easily upgrade any living space, and by pairing this particular design article with a few well-chosen furniture pieces—your indoor living space will be just as inviting and relaxing as your outdoor area. 

Channel your favorite beach destination

In our opinion, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as experiencing a tropical getaway during the summer months. Imagine the feeling of complete joy as you step off of a plane and immediately set your sights on the sand, the waves and the warm summer sunshine—now imagine if you could recreate that feeling every time you stepped through your front door. 

This summer, incorporating a variety of warming yellows, calming blues and vibrant greens into your interior decor like rugs, pillows, vases and more will easily elevate your interior this summer. If you’re ready to jump right in, though, wallpaper continues to grow in popularity throughout the interior design scene and will give you plenty of options to choose from in order to bring even more sunshine and beach vibes to your home. 

Turn your Main Street home into your personal oasis

Whether it’s this season or the next, your home should always feel like your favorite vacation destination—and at Main Street Homes, our team of talented professionals works everyday to ensure that our homes are meeting the needs of today’s homeowners. If you’re ready to begin the journey to your dream home, take a look through the incredible communities we build in throughout the Greater Richmond area and give us a call at (804) 979-2954 or fill out our online form to set up a tour today.