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Top Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Tailgating Season

Top tips to get your Main Street Home ready for tailgating season

September 6, 2022

With football season right around the corner, getting your home ready for the ultimate tailgating get-togethers has definitely become a priority on many homeowners’ minds—and with the spacious open-concept interior designs and stunning backyard options available throughout our Main Street Home floor plan designs, we know for a fact that your home will be the perfect backdrop for game day. Read on to see how you can ensure that your home is the place to be on the block this season. 

Give your seating area an upgrade

Whether it’s college or professional football on the big screen, the first thing you’ll want to do to ensure that you are ready for your home to be filled with friends, families and neighbors is to prepare your main seating areas. Depending on your preference, the party can take place either indoors or outdoors—but you’ll still want as many seating places as possible regardless of where the main event will take place. If the weather is ideal and you want to recreate a complete tailgating experience within your home as if you’re at the stadium itself, your backyard space in your Main Street home creates the perfect atmosphere for you. You don’t have to break the bank to update your outdoor space in order to create more seating, however. Simple folding lawn chairs work wonders when paired with your current patio furniture—and if you’d like to add even more excitement to the space, purchasing a team-branded canopy tent to set up above the snack table, branded napkins, tablecloths or plates for everyone to use or setting up a team flag make for some incredible and spirited decor.

Having a designated space for outdoor activities further adds to the game day aesthetic you’re trying to create—and your Main Street home's backyard offers plenty of space for just that. A few games that are never a bad idea to have set up outside before your guests arrive are cornhole, ladder toss, spikeball or jenga—ensuring that everyone will be able to take part in the pre-game festivities. When it comes time for the actual game to begin, if you don’t already have an outdoor TV setup—you can also get creative by hanging a white bedsheet in your yard, getting a smart-projector and streaming the game on the perfect makeshift “big screen”. 

Create the perfect tailgating menu

While we can try and make ourselves believe that the best part of tailgating is the great company from all of our loved ones—we all know that the unspoken truth is that the main event is truly the food that is served throughout the day. In order to create the ultimate tailgating experience within your own home, sometimes keeping the classic options on the menu is the way to go. Fire up the grill, throw on the hotdogs, brats and burgers and enjoy. If you have the time to go all out, though, steak, grilled corn or kebabs could add a little extra excitement to any main course—or, check out these fun game day recipes to try out!

One incredible perk of tailgating at home instead of at the stadium itself is that you will always have complete access to your own kitchen and bathrooms. Make any layered dips, salsa or pasta salads the night before to give yourself a stress-free morning and keep all of the items perfectly cold in your refrigerator until the time comes when they’re needed. The ability to pause the game for a restroom break—priceless!

Create new game day traditions at home

While our team at Main Street Homes knows that the tradition of packing up the car and driving to your favorite tailgating spot will never be replaced—we know that you’ll be able to create so many more new game day traditions in the comfort of your Main Street home this season. If you’d like to learn more about some of our incredible new home communities surrounding the Greater Richmond area—give us a call or text us at (804) 979-2954 or contact us online today.


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